Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

I took this photo 8 hours ago when I took a trip to the beach near my home city for weekend. This work makes me surprised, but I wonder if it is considered as a wonder, and hope that my post’s not digress from the topic “Wonder” this week.

However, the sea is disappointing.

A villa was built upon the sea

Enjoy my photo and share ur idea and ur link so that I can enjoy yours, too. Thanks so much:)


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

  1. Hae Ry

    OMG! Online by mobie so I can’t see any picture on your post! Haiz!
    p/s: em von da ngu tieng anh, ho ho, nhung ma mat em day lam, ko lo, neu co ji sai sot trong ngu phap thj chi sua cho em nha. Em muon tieng anh cua minh kha len mot chut. Thank c!

    1. Venusa Post author

      hehe. Oke chi la em iu. Then kiu em ghé thăm nhà chị:) Nói chung tiếng Anh của chị cũng gà lắm. Nói chung em đọc nhiều rồi bắt chước nha.keke.

    1. Venusa Post author

      Oh. thanks so much for ur appreciation. I’m keen on capturing something strange like that:) Thanks so much for stopping by my post. Glad that u enjoyed it!


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