Weekly Photo Challenge – Waiting

This is the only foto I took for my "Dear" (his name) when he was waiting for his lunch

Although my dear puppy left me years ago – he might be kipnapped when I went out – but I couldn’t stop thinking of my cute puppy.  I miss him so much when seeing this photo… Pray he’s still alive.



17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Waiting

  1. Sony Fugaban

    I used to have a dog until my father sold it for my brother’s tuition … Your dog reminds me of him.

    Anyway, I’m sorry to hear about your puppy. A puppy as cute as him is an envy. Now I know why he’s gone.

  2. carolbsessums

    Just a little cutie! I know how much you must miss him. I’m sure praying he comes back to you safe, healthy and happy. One of our cats ran away after I started remodeling our house a little. Some cats don’t take to change well. He was gone for nearly a year before we saw him again. He comes to visit us on occasion just to let us know he’s ok, then he leaves again. Weird, right? Cool, though, that he let us know he was alright. He moved down the road and lives with a neighbor now, I believe. We had prayed for months he was alright and he truly was.


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